We can offer you courses that include:

In the field of Emergency medicine

  • National Safety Council First Aid & CPR courses
  • Emergency Care & Safety Institute First Aid & CPR courses
  • Certification in First Aid & CPR
  • First Responder
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Continuing Education Programs

In the area of Safety

  • Safety in the Workplace

From these and other courses, we will develop a personalized training package for your organization. Training can be provided at your place of business or at a convenient location.

Your special scheduling needs can be accommodated, with classes being provided during the days, evenings, or on weekends. Courses can be taught on a compressed schedule or over an extended time.

We will first meet with you to determine your exact needs. Together, we will design a program to meet those needs and ensure quality training for your staff. Programs can be designed for single presentations or to meet ongoing annual requirements.